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CBR On releases free Genitourinary module for members

Free for even CBR members, CBR On includes online 100% courses on subspecialties and topics of interest to resident/improving students and already experienced Radiology and Diagnostic Imaging professionals looking to update. The Genitourinary module has just been made available.

CBR On Genitourinary program content includes topics such as:


- Epidemiology and clinicopathological aspects of prostate cancer
- MRI exam protocols
- Current limitations and future perspectives of the PI-RADS classification

Bladder and Urinary Tracts

- VI-RADS classification: stratification and description of categories
- Tips and pitfalls in VI-RADS classification
- Hematuria investigation: practical tips


- The new Bosniak classification for renal cysts and current concepts on renal cystic lesions
- Evaluation of solid renal nodules: which anatomical repairs are important for surgical planning?
- Evaluation of solid renal nodules: the histological prediction


- Imaging methods in the evaluation of the adrenal gland
- Evaluation of incidentalomas
- Evaluation of secondary hypertension: causes and possible imaging findings


- Practical tips on how to evaluate a retroperitoneal lesion
- Primary retroperitoneal x secondary neoplasms
- Evaluation of secondary hypertension: causes and possible imaging findings

testicle and penis

- Penile emergencies: differential diagnosis and the role of imaging methods
- Imaging methods in the evaluation of the urethra
- Assessment of male infertility

Coordination of the CBR On Genitourinary

The CBR On Genitourinary module is coordinated by Fernando Ide Yamauchi, a radiologist trained at USP, specializing in abdominal radiology, fellow at Brigham and Women's Hospital – Harvard Medical School and coordinator of Abdominal Radiology at the DASA group; and Valdair Francisco Muglia, associate professor at the Faculty of Medicine of Ribeirão Preto-USP and current president of the CBR.

CBR On Thorax

In addition to Genitourinary, free access was granted to members for CBR On Tórax. check out here.