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CBR participates in the Round Table: Challenges of Radiological Protection in Medical Applications during the 71st Annual Meeting of the SBPC

CBR President Dr. Alair Sarmet Santos, was in Campo Grande (MS), on July 22nd, to participate in the round table “Challenges of Radiological Protection in Medical Applications”. The activity was part of the program of the 71st Annual Meeting of the Brazilian Society for the Progress of Science (SBPC), held at the Federal University of Mato Grosso do Sul (UFMS), between July 21st and 27th, with the central theme “Science and Innovation on the Frontiers of Bioeconomy, Diversity and Social Development”. Participating in person with the president of the CBR: Marcos Antonio do Amaral (president of the Brazilian Society for Radiological Protection), who made an introduction on SBPR and IRPA in the context of the proposed theme; Lídia Vasconcelos (National Nuclear Energy Commission - CNEN), who addressed the scientific and regulatory aspects of radiological protection in Medicine; Alexandre Bacelar (Hospital das Clínicas de Porto Alegre), with the presentation “The science of radiological protection in a hospital”; in addition to the president of the Radiology Society of Paraná and representative of Image Gently in Brazil, Dr. Dolores Bustelo, via videoconference, who spoke about the importance of radiological protection in children exposed in exams in Brazilian Medicine. The Doctor. Alair, in his presentation, reinforced CBR's performance and the institution's position on the subject. "This was yet another important activity that the Commission on Radiological Protection of the CBR participated in. I would like to express my thanks for the invitation and for organizing this round table", emphasizes Dr. Alair. Held since 1948, with the participation of representatives of scientific societies, authorities and managers of the national science and technology system, the SBPC Annual Meeting aims to discuss public policies in the areas of Science, Technology, Innovation and Education and to disseminate the advances in Science in the various areas of knowledge for the entire population. Each year, the SBPC Annual Meeting is held in a Brazilian state, usually at public universities. The event brings together several people – scientists, professors and students of all levels, liberal professionals and the local population. The Scientific Program is made up of conferences, round tables, meetings, special sessions, short courses and Poster Sessions (which includes the National Journey of Scientific Initiation). Other activities are also carried out, such as SBPC Jovem (exhibition aimed at elementary school students and the general public), ExpoT&C (science and technology exhibition), SBPC Cultural (presentation of regional artistic activities and discussions on artistic and cultural themes ), the SBPC Afro e Indígena (conferences and round tables that address these themes).