2019-06-19 08:52:45 - 8

CBR participates in the panel "Challenges for Telemedicine and Telehealth in Brazil" at SBCAS2019, in RJ

The Brazilian Symposium on Computing Applied to Health is one of the main forums for scientific dissemination and a meeting point for researchers in the areas of computing and health. Dr. Alexandra Monteiro, current first secretary at CBR and Southeast director at the Brazilian Association of Telemedicine and Telehealth (ABTMS), presented her experience on the subject and in the debate with the audience, highlighted the importance of using technologies as a means of strengthening, never replace, the relationship between doctor and patient, since in the area of Health the focus is on the person, on the best approach and on ethical and responsible practice for prevention, promotion and health care. At the event, at the invitation of the Brazilian Society of Applied Computing to Health (SBCAS), the Brazilian Society of Informatics (SBIS) and ABTMS were gathered, a fact that represents a great advance for the consolidation of Digital Health in Brazil. Photo caption: Artur Ziviani (Coordinator of the SBCAS 2019 Program Committee), Débora Muchaluat-Saade (Coordinator of the Special Commission on Computing Applied to Health at SBC, General Coordinator SBCAS 2019), Márcia Ito (SBIS Board) and Dr. Alexandra Monteiro.