2024-04-19 17:04:00 - 8

CBR Repudiation Note to Decree No. 11,999/2024

The Brazilian College of Radiology and Diagnostic Imaging (CBR), in line with the concerns of national medical entities, expresses its vehement rejection of Decree No. 11,999, published on April 17, 2024. This Decree was promulgated without any dialogue with current members of the National Medical Residency Commission (CNRM) and other relevant medical entities, neglecting the historical contribution of the CNRM in maintaining high quality standards in medical training and assistance to the Brazilian population.

The lack of involvement of medical leaders in the formulation of this Decree highlights a worrying lack of dialogue and respect for the impacted parties, disregarding the technical and ethical expertise of medical entities. Controversial measures introduced by the Decree include an increase in the number of government representatives in the CNRM, which could significantly alter the balance of power within the Commission.

Furthermore, maintaining the Appeals Chamber limits the decision-making power of the Plenary, while reducing the role of the executive secretary to administrative functions, without the right to vote, diminishes his influence. The exclusion of the requirement that government members of the CNRM be doctors and the creation of Regional Technical Chambers further expand the government's power in the Commission's decisions.

In view of these changes, which threaten the excellence of teaching and training of new doctors, the CBR requests an immediate review of this Decree. We reiterate our willingness for a constructive dialogue to ensure that medical education in the country continues to be a model of quality.

The CBR remains firm in defending the interests of radiology and diagnostic imaging, supporting initiatives that strengthen professional qualifications and equity in public health policies related to our specialty.

Brazilian College of Radiology and Diagnostic Imaging (CBR)