2019-02-07 10:44:13 - 8

CBR takes a stand with the press in publicizing a capsule that could contain cesium-137, found in a junkyard

In January, CBR worked with the press in Alagoas due to the disclosure by the Municipality of Arapiraca (municipality located 130 km from the capital Maceió), about a capsule that could contain cesium-137, which was found in an iron- old. The article published in G1 had repercussions in other media throughout January 22nd. However, the following day, City Hall reversed course, informing that a laboratory analysis was needed to identify exactly the material. In addition, the initial disclosures reported that the material could be from a mammography or X-ray device. Hilton Leão Filho, and the president of the Alagoas Society of Radiology, Dr. Thiago Costa de Almeida, who contacted journalists and the Sanitary Surveillance of Alagoas. Click on the link below and read the article in full: https://g1.globo.com/al/alagoas/noticia/2019/01/23/apos-informar-que-achou-capsula-com-cesio-137-em-ferro-velho-prefeitura-de-arapiraca-agora-diz-que-material-precisa-ser-analisado.ghtml