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CBR19 will have classes, interactive activities and incentives for submitting papers

First authors of the best scientific and educational works will win a complete package with ticket, accommodation and registration for ECR 2020 in Vienna

  There are only five months left for the 48th Brazilian Congress of Radiology and Diagnostic Imaging (CBR19), a traditional event in Brazilian Radiology which, this year, will take place in Fortaleza. To bring the reader all the news, we interviewed Dr. Valdair Muglia, scientific director of the Congress. Check it out and schedule yourself, registration is now open with special discounts!   CBR Bulletin: What are your expectations regarding the 48th edition of this traditional Radiology event? Dr. Valdair Muglia: The expectation, from a scientific point of view, is quite high. The first highlight is our partnership with European Society of Radiology (ESR), which has been built for years by CBR and which culminated in the institution choosing Brazil to start a project, which is the “Best of ECR”, sending 10 highly qualified professors to teach at congresses in other countries. Brazil will be honored to receive these professors, in this unprecedented initiative, which, in 2020, will be held in Canada. Another important contribution will be the presence of four renowned North American professors who will come through the agreement between the Brazilian Society of Neuroradiology (SBNR) and the American Society of Neuroradiology (ASNR). With this, we will have a total of 14 international professors at the Brazilian Congress of Radiology, in addition to several national professors, reference in their areas of activity and with international experience who, together, will provide an enriching experience for the congressmen   CBR Bulletin: In addition to the important names in the specialty, what will be the other highlights of the scientific program, such as courses and interactive activities?  Dr. Valdair Muglia: Over the years, the Brazilian Congress of Radiology has shown a greater focus on interactivity between participants. Therefore, all courses hands on, which were very well evaluated in the last editions, will be maintained. In addition, we will add this year the course hands on of the LI-RADS®, which is a risk classification for focal liver lesions in patients with chronic liver disease. Another novelty is the expansion of the theoretical-practical course in musculoskeletal imaging, which was also very well evaluated in the past. We will expand not only in the number of participants, but there will also be expansion in terms of content. Organized by doctors Marcelo Bordalo and Marcello Nogueira Barbosa, together with doctors Ronaldo Lins and Everaldo Gregio, the course will take place during the three days of the congress, being Thursday and Friday [October 10 and 11] in the morning and Saturday [ October 12] throughout the day, with separate registration and limited spaces for 80 participants. It will be very interesting because, in addition to diagnostic activities, it will also deal with interventional procedures that are being performed more and more through imaging in the musculoskeletal area.   CBR Newsletter: Topics such as Artificial Intelligence and Teleradiology are being widely discussed in the radiology community and among physicians in general. Will the event bring any specific activity on these subjects? Dr. Valdair Muglia: Yes. The official opening of the congress, on the first day of the event, will be followed by a master lecture on the future of Artificial Intelligence (AI) with Professor Wiro Niessen, from the Netherlands, an exponent in this area, in addition to several topics on AI that will be distributed in the other specialty programs, such as chest, internal medicine, among others. That same day, at the end of the afternoon, we will have a forum on Telemedicine and Teleradiology, with no parallel activities, that is, everyone will be free to participate, and where ethical and legal aspects will be addressed, further expanding the debate on these matters. On Friday afternoon [October 11] we will have the Clinical-Radiological-Pathological Correlation Session (CCRP), which will have the international ESR professors to discuss the cases together with the national representatives. On the last day of the event, we will have a forum on professional defense, one of the main fronts of action of the CBR, in which the relationship with buyers of services, agreements, insurance companies will be discussed, as well as what the College has been doing in this field and what perspectives in our specialty.   CBR Bulletin: Will there be incentives for participants to submit their work to the Brazilian Congress of Radiology? Dr. Valdair Muglia: We are also thinking about this topic and are creating a series of incentives for sending scientific and educational papers to the Brazilian Congress of Radiology. We will offer the first authors of the best scientific and educational works a complete package with tickets, accommodation and registration for the ECR (European Congress of Radiology) 2020, in Vienna. There will be two awards for “Best Scientific Work” and one award for “Best Educational Work (review work)”. Remembering that only the first author will receive this award.