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Colégio launches two more episodes of the CBR podcast

The eighth episode of CBR podcast and the first of 2024 is unmissable. The guest of this edition is Dr. Cibele Carvalho - President of the Brazilian College of Radiology and Image Diagnosis (CBR), the theme is “Radiology as an essential specialty in the line of care”, the episode was released on January 31st and is available on the main digital audio platforms. 

Dr. Cibele Carvalho - President of CBR welcomes the year 2024

Caption: Dr. Cibele participates in episode 8 of the CBR Podcast
Credit: CBR

In addition to the edition with the president of the CBR, the College also released the ninth episode, which features Dr. João Gabriel Marques - Musician and doctor, doctor in medicine from UFMG, music professor at UFMG. Our guest is also the author of two books, in addition to several articles published in books. The episode has the theme “Music, health and medicine”, and was released on February 7th and is available on the main digital audio platforms.

Caption: João Gabriel participates in episode 9 of the CBR podcast
Credit: CBR

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Over the Podcast CBR 

Our podcast is developed by the CBR Cultural Commission and aims to cover various topics beyond Radiology and Imaging Diagnosis. The podcast is presented by Dr. Aline Dias Guimarães, Dr. Dolores Bustelo, Dr. Ivie Braga, Dr. Linei Urban and Dr. Luciana Costa – members of the CBR Cultural Commission.

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