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Clinics associated with ABCDI can experience the digital solutions for supply management offered by Bionexo with an exclusive condition

As long as their annuity is up to date, the associated clinics can have full access to the tool with the 1st payment only after 60 days Clinics associated with the Brazilian Association of Diagnostic Imaging Clinics (ABCDI) can access solutions and tools that help in their daily lives through partner companies of the institution. Bionexo, a technology company that offers digital solutions for purchasing, selling and managing supplies in the health area, is one of them. One of its differentials is having cloud infrastructure and cloud computing in partnership with amazon Web Services, bringing international data security standards, monitoring full time, high availability and automatic updates. Since October, Bionexo has been offering a special condition: clinics associated with ABCDI, up to date with their annuity, can try out the solution and make the 1st payment only after 60 days with a 10% discount on installments during the following 12 months. This will allow you to evaluate the digital solution and check all the features before actually hiring. With this benefit, clinics associated with ABCDI can access a modern digital solution for purchasing management, whose objective is to leverage the management of clinics and diagnostic imaging centers, providing savings and better operational flow. The Bionexo solution allows you to make quotes online, in addition to having differentials that help with quality control, such as, for example, the registration of suppliers that comply with legal requirements, such as registration with Anvisa, among other aspects. The clinic that is interested in taking advantage of this benefit must contact ABCDI by email and inform that it is a member. The team will analyze the applicant's profile and indicate a consultant for a technical visit. After consulting, the clinic that chooses to purchase the solutions offered will have a 10% discount on the price list practiced by Bionexo. About Bionexo Bionexo offers digital solutions for process management in hospitals, clinics and health plans. Since its foundation in 2000, Brazilian health tech has built a growing ecosystem of customers in search of transparency, efficiency and intelligence and today, its marketplace connects around 1,700 health institutions and more than 10,000 suppliers of inputs, with R$ 12 billion of annual transactions. In Brazil, it impacts around 38% of private beds and 64% of high complexity beds. The company is a leader in the construction of digital cloud solutions for health and in promoting innovation in the sector, making a decisive contribution to the professionalization and digitalization of the health chain in Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Mexico and Spain.