2019-08-28 15:33:17 - 8

Clinics associated with ABCDI have free access to the PACS report in Portuguese

Due to the various queries received regarding solutions for RIS (Radiology Information Systems) and PACS (Image Archiving and Distribution System) available on the market, the Brazilian College of Radiology, together with the Brazilian Association of Diagnostic Clinics por Imagem (ABCDI), established in 2018 a partnership with KLAS, an American non-profit entity and reference in research, insights and dissemination of information through reports, trends and statistics on medical systems. The objective is to help small and medium-sized clinics that want to invest in digitalization and do not have enough knowledge and information to acquire RIS/PACS. For this, the Global PACS 2017 report, already translated into Portuguese, is available in the member space. To access it is simple: – Log in to the portal of the CBR or da ABCDI, in the member space – Select the option “Global PACS 2017” – In the introductory text there will be a direct link to the Klas website, where you must register. Important: – In the “Organization Name” field, the description must be “CBR Associate”. – The company informs that, according to its policy, it is necessary for CBR members to provide their contact details at the time of registration for market research purposes. If you have any questions, please contact the Member Relations area by e-mail abdci@acbdi.org.br