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New educational benefit for members

Members of the Brazilian College of Radiology (CBR) have discounts. Check out: Postgraduate Discount of 15% on the value of the specialization in Operational Excellence in the Health Area – Lean Six Sigma. How it works?
  • Access the website: einstein.br/pos
  • Register for the course you are interested in and, at the interview stage, inform that your registration comes from the partnership
  • When enrolling, you will need to submit your CBR payment declaration.
EAD 20% discount on courses in the management area, Lean Six Sigma and Customer Service. How to apply?
  • Access the website: einstein.br/ead and choose your preferred theme.
  • send email to ead@einstein.br informing that you want to enroll at a discount through the partnership with CBR, including the name of the course and the CBR payment statement
  • You will receive the discount coupon and instructions for registering.
Take advantage of this benefit and expand your knowledge in the field of health! Discover the courses:
  • Sustainability management in health services (emphasis on environmental management)
  • financial management in health
  • patient flow management
  • Health people management
  • Health process management
  • Health project management
  • Lean Six Sigma in health
  • Customer Service in Health Services
  • Customer relationship management, healthcare industry
  • SAC and Panetree: Humanization in health services
  • Postgraduate Degree in Operational Excellence in Healthcare lean six sigma