2018-02-19 11:34:50 - 8

CBR launches a contest to select a resident/research student who will represent Brazilian Radiology at CIR 2018

Continuing the actions in favor of Brazilian Radiology and, above all, in the activities that contribute to the training of radiologists, the Brazilian College of Radiology and Image Diagnosis (CBR) launches, as of today (February 19), the who will select the resident physician/student who will be the Brazilian representative at the meeting of residents of the XXIX Inter-American Congress of Radiology. The event, one of the most traditional of the specialty, will take place from July 12th to 14th at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. The contest will award the best case report submitted in the "CIR Congress - Punta Cana” group on Workplace between February 19th and April 4th 2018 and the winner will have expenses related to their participation in the event covered by the CBR, including airfare, accommodation at the hotel where the event will take place and registration. Check out the rules and participate! Participation rules:
  1. The contest will be held within Workplace, CBR's virtual platform for the integration of physicians who work with Diagnostic Imaging.
  2. Participants must be medical residents or trainees enrolled in CBR-accredited programs.
  3. The contest will award the best case report submitted in a specific space within Workplace ("CIR Congress - Punta Cana" group), which will be made available from 2/19/18 to 4/4/18.
  4. The first slide of the presentation must contain the name of a single resident/trainee who is presenting the case and the name of a preceptor/assistant from the institution to which he/she is linked and who has authorized the registration of the case. The submission of a single case per resident/improving student will be allowed.
  5. The cases must be submitted in PowerPoint format with a limit of 10 slides and can be related to any area of knowledge of Diagnostic Imaging.
  6. The presentation should contain an account of clinical data, case images and a final discussion. More than rarity, one should look for cases in which the information obtained by radiological examinations was decisive for better patient care
  7. The judgment of the best case report will be made considering one vote for each of the three components of the judging committee appointed by the scientific board of CBR and one vote of the popular jury, considering the report with the highest number of “likes” until the 4/4 4/18. Therefore, cases made available earlier will have more opportunities to receive “likes”.
  8. The result will be announced in the second week of April (April 12, 2018), during the CBR Studio online presentation on Workplace.

CBR wishes good luck to all participants!