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Check Opinion on the Standard for Exchange of Supplementary Health Information - TISS

The Standard for Exchange of Information in Supplementary Health - TISS was established as mandatory for the electronic exchange of health care data of plan beneficiaries, between Supplementary Health agents. The objective is to standardize administrative actions, subsidize economic, financial and assistance evaluation and follow-up actions of private health care plan operators and compose the Electronic Health Record.

The TISS Standard has as a guideline the interoperability between the health information systems advocated by the National Supplementary Health Agency and the Ministry of Health, and also the reduction of information asymmetry for beneficiaries of private health care plans.

The TISS Standard is organized into five components:

1) Organizational

The organizational component of the TISS Standard establishes the set of operational rules.

2) Content and structure

Determines the architecture of the data used in electronic messages and in the contingency plan for the collection and availability of health care data.

3) Representation of Health Concepts

The health concept representation component of the TISS Standard establishes the set of terms to identify events and assistance items in supplementary health, consolidated in the Unified Terminology of Supplementary Health - TUSS.

4) Security and Privacy

Determines the protection requirements to ensure the individual right to secrecy, privacy and confidentiality of health care data. It is based on professional secrecy and follows the legislation.

5) Communication

Establishes the means and methods of communication of the electronic messages defined in the content and structure component. It adopts XML data markup language - Extensible Markup Language.

Click here and check the Opinion on Mandatory Adoption of the TISS Standard by Health Operators Governed by ANS

* Source: ANS