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The National Supplementary Health Agency (ANS) is now available on the Quality Factor questionnaire for radiology and imaging diagnostic clinics and services. click here to fill out.

The ANS provides that accredited services are entitled to the best rate in the application of the Quality Factor stipulated by Law No. 13.003 / 2014 and regulated by Normative Resolution No. 364. The Quality Factor for radiological and diagnostic imaging clinics has now become valid. in early 2017.

In summary, the Quality Factor should be applied to the readjustment index established by ANS, which is the Extended Consumer Price Index (IPCA) applicable to contracts between service providers and health plan operators, when there is a forecast of Free negotiation between the parties, as the only form of readjustment, and there is no agreement after negotiation, in the first 90 days of the year.

The Quality Factor may be 105%, 100% or 85% of the IPCA, depending on the fulfillment of the quality requirements disclosed in an updated Technical Note annually, and regulated by the Agency. In the case of services that have Padi accreditation, the predicted readjustment is 105% of the IPCA, while those certified with the CBR Quality Seal have a predicted readjustment of 100% of the index.

It is important to remember that the elaboration of the rules for the application of the quality factor had the participation of a series of entities that represent health service providers. In addition, the accrediting entities were commissioned to send the accredited services or those that have any other certification for publication on the ANS website, being solely responsible for capturing the information filled in the questionnaire by the Diagnostic Imaging services.

Check out the clinics that fall in the percentages of 105% and 100%, according to the criteria described above, and learn more about what determines the ANS in relation to the Quality Factor at: https://goo.gl/ZyD14v.

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