Achievement for Radiology: UERJ has its first Full Professor in Radiology

On May 29, an important event marked the history of the Faculty of Medical Sciences of the State University of Rio de Janeiro (UERJ) and Brazilian Radiology.

Following her Memorial Public Defense, Dr. Alexandra Monteiro, CBR's first secretary, was named Full Professor in Radiology at UERJ, a traditional public education institution in Rio de Janeiro and one of the largest universities in Brazil.

With this, Dr. Alexandra Monteiro confirms her important role in the radiological community, being the first Full Professor of Radiology at UERJ.

The fact, in addition to being striking for the specialty, demonstrates the growth of women's performance in general, becoming increasingly protagonists in their careers. “I am very proud not only as a woman, but, above all, as a representative of Brazilian Radiology in the category of Full Professor in a Public Education Institution of excellence as is the Faculty of Medical Sciences of the State University of Rio de Janeiro,” he says. Dr. Alexandra.

Regarding Memorial Public Defense, the doctor says that “is, at least, unusual, because it is the moment when you expose and make public your personal and professional trajectory, besides being a moment of review and reflection on a constructed history. and a possible legacy for future generations. ”

At the Faculty of Medical Sciences of the State University of Rio de Janeiro, in addition to Memorial Public Defense, a prospective Work Plan is requested, which reiterates and denotes the importance of Ownership as an institutional legacy. In this case, the Work Plan presenting for teaching, research and extension had as pillars: the formation of the physician for the critical analysis of problems, the collaborative learning using educational technologies and the development of attitudes, skills and competences for research and development. entrepreneurship.

Asked by the CBR reporting team about the key steps that led her to this achievement, Dr. Alexandra points out that goal, determination and focus are, in her view, the tripod for any trajectory regardless of profession, gender or any another item.

“In addition, strong roots, excellent friends, and professional examples in ethics, good practice, and technical and scientific quality round out this tripod, so I thank everyone who enlightened my choices with emphasis on my father, Fernando Monteiro (in memorian), brilliant radiologist in Rio de Janeiro, who taught me to love and be proud of being a doctor and radiologist ”, he concludes.

Photo: Dr. Alexandra along with the Memorial Public Appraisal Board

Banking Members:

- Profa. Dr. Ana Emilia Figueiredo de Oliveira (UFMA)

- Prof. Dr. José Hermogenes Rocco Suassuna (UERJ)

- Prof. Dr. Edson dos Santos Marchiori (UFRJ)

- Prof. Dr. Hilton Augusto Koch (UFRJ)

- Prof. Dr. Ronaldo Damião (UERJ)

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