2022-03-28 19:04:39 - 8

Countdown to Update22's "Friday Live"!

O UPDATE – National Radiology Circuit, in its second edition, will be an online 100% event that brings together state societies from north to south of the country, as well as radiologists and residents, with various activities such as Hands On Courses and Practical Demonstrations with big names in the specialty, National Marathon of Radiological Cases, Image Interpretation Session and with the opening lecture on the theme “Transformational leadership: a coaching vision” with Dr. Neil Rofsky (Further Professor of Radiology and Co-Director of Translational Research at UT Southwestern Dallas (TX). Dr. Rofsky is an oboist and guitarist with a background in classical and contemporary music.

After the opening lecture, we will have a live image interpretation session of the 4 most prominent cases in the National Marathon discussed by experts in the area and promotion of the three state societies that won the Marathon.

The opening lecture is part of the program “Friday Live at UPDATE22” and will take place on April 1st (Friday), at 7 pm. The event is free of charge for all Brazilian radiologists, regardless of subscription to Update22. and will be streamed live on CBR's YouTube channel.

Watch live at: