2019-11-28 12:55:28 - 8

Abdominal pain in pediatrics – Imaging Assessment is the topic of the next CBR Webinar

An important initiative of Educa CBR, the Webinar is a benefit offered to non-paying members of the College, aiming to offer classes and discussions for all radiologists throughout Brazil. Activities take place every four weeks, always at lunchtime, with 20 to 25 minutes of class, followed by 20 minutes of interaction so that participants can send their questions to the speaker. Since its launch, each edition has received numerous positive feedback from participants. The next edition will take place on December 17 with Dr. Dolores Bustelo, member of the CBR and president of the Paraná Society of Radiology (SRP). The theme will be "Abdominal pain in pediatrics - Imaging Assessment". This will be the last edition of this year. O CBR webinar will return in 2020, with new themes, maintaining the proposal of integrating and bringing knowledge and updating to residents and radiologists throughout Brazil.