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CBR Board sworn in for the 2019-2020 biennium

The inauguration ceremony of the elected board, chaired by Prof. doctor Alair Sarmet Santos, took place on Thursday night (17th), at the Colégio’s headquarters, in São Paulo, with the presence of associates, members of the previous board and former presidents of CBR, in addition to guests from Societies and Organisms in Health . The ceremony was opened with the speech of the then former president Dr. Manoel Rocha, who presented a summary of the actions developed during his management and welcomed Dr. Alair Sarmet Santos. Then, the president-elect of the College presented the goals for the biennium, highlighting the fundamental importance of the effective participation of the members at the national level. “The first goal is to maintain the strategic planning that has been carried out by previous administrations, with emphasis, above all, on strengthening the union of the class aiming at Professional Defense. The CBR represents Brazilian radiologists here in Brazil and abroad, so it is very important that we are united, it is the union that makes our strength. We have differences, we have difficulties, but certainly, with unity, we will achieve important results for the benefit of the patient, which is our final focus. I will not do this work alone, we will have the entire board united for the common good”, he highlighted. doctor Alair also stated that actions within the scope of inclusive education is one of the priorities for this two-year period - “We already have several activities, but we will focus on and encourage mainly undergraduate students of Medicine and Radiology leagues. Today there are more than 50 leagues registered in the CBR”, he recalled. The event brought together radiologists from all over Brazil, presidents of several regional societies, such as Dr. Dolores Bustelo (PR), Dr. Juliana Santana Melo Tapajós (AM), Dr. Cibele Alves de Carvalho (MG), Dr. Lautônio Junior Carlos Loureiro (PB) and Dr. Carlos Homsi (SP), from partner companies, in addition to representatives of important companies in the sector, friends and family. The Doctor. Antônio Jorge Salomão, general secretary of the Brazilian Medical Association (AMB) was present representing the institution. “AMB's doors are open for any and all needs so that we can walk together, because together we will be stronger”, he said. The Doctor. Hilton Koch, one of the former presidents of the CBR who was present, recalled Dr. Alair. “He deserves this position. In several meetings I highlighted that he could be a candidate, as he was twice president of the Association of Radiology and Imaging Diagnosis of Rio de Janeiro and was also secretary general of the College with a good job. I want to wish him all the happiness in the world.” Among the presidents of state societies, Dr. Lautonio Loureiro Jr. wished success to the new board of CBR. “It is time to improve, to renew, to resurrect the positive mood to follow up on the projects that are working, to improve them and to integrate our Radiology nationally”. Dr. Cláudia Cohn, president of the Board of Directors of the Brazilian Association of Diagnostic Medicine (Abramed), was also present and emphasized the importance of the partnership between the two entities. “We will certainly have a very positive and friendly agenda with CBR. In addition to having a huge decentralization of doctors, the institution manages to maintain a high standard of quality in all its projects, which has to be admired by all”, he said. Finally, Dr. Ana Dantas, who works together with Dr. Alair at Complexo Hospitalar de Niterói, as well as doctors Paulo Cesar Dias and Ilza Fellows, also reinforced their wishes of success to the new management. "The Doctor. Alair is a very special friend, a colleague of scientific knowledge in all areas. He always has an opinion to give us in any case, in all our specialties. He is the head of Radiology at our hospital and we could not fail to come and honor him. He is a very important figure in our daily lives.” Check out some photos: