I Radio-Cardio-Renal Meeting takes place in November, in São Paulo

On November 17 and 18, the first Radio-Cardio-Renal Meeting will take place in São Paulo (SP), an event organized jointly by the Brazilian College of Radiology and Diagnostic Imaging (CBR), the Brazilian Society of Nephrology (SBN), the Brazilian Society of Cardiology (SBC) and the Brazilian Society of Interventional Hemodynamics and Cardiology (SBHCI).

The event seeks the approximation and interactivity between professionals from different specialties for the benefit of patients. “This will be the first multidisciplinary meeting on some topics of common interest, including topics related to the use of contrasts. The event will feature renowned speakers from these specialties and some controversial issues will be discussed in a multidisciplinary way, ”says Dr. Adonis Manzella (PE), coordinator of the CBR Radiology Life Care Course and one of the speakers at the Meeting.

The program will be divided into six thematic sessions. At the end of each one, discussion will be open to the public. Among the topics to be addressed are: An update of the contrast media used in Brazil; Use of contrast media in patients with chronic kidney disease; How to use iodinated contrasts in dialysis patients; The use of predictive models (scores) as a preventive measure of kidney injury; Interpretation of creatinine and estimated glomerular filtration rate before contrast scans; Cardio-renal syndrome; and Imaging in patients with heart failure.

In addition to Dr. Adonis Manzella, the following names have already been confirmed for the event: Antonio Carlos Seguro (SP), Carmen Tzanno (SP), Claudia Maria Rodrigues (SP), Dalton Precoma (PR), Debora Miguel Soares (RJ), Denis Szjenfeld (SP), Expedito Ribeiro (SP), Fabiana Marcondes Braga (SP), Fernando Almeida (SP), Giovanio Vieira da Silva (SP), Jose Suassuna (RJ), Ledal Lotaif (SP), Lucia Andrade (SP) , Marcelo Cantarelli (SP), Marcelo Mazza (PR), Marcelo Rocha (SP), Marinella Centemero (SP), Mauricio Younes (RJ) and Victor Issa (SP). More information and registration through the site: www.radiocardiorenal.org.br.

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