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National Forum for Professional Defense of the CBR brings together institutions involved in the Medical Act of the Radiologist Physician at the Federal Council of Medicine in September

Held on September 20th and broadcast live by the group Lugar no CBR at Workplace, the CBR National Forum for Professional Defense brought together several bodies and institutions to discuss important and current topics for Radiologists and Diagnostic Imaging physicians. Under the coordination of Dr. Cibele Alves de Carvalho, director of Professional Defense at CBR, the event was yet another milestone in the numerous initiatives undertaken by CBR in the field of Defense of Radiologists, due to its emblematic performance in the auditorium of the Federal Council of Medicine, with the presence of Counselors and representative of the Brazilian Medical Association. Dr. Cibele, in her opening presentation, said that the idea of holding this forum was consolidated as soon as Dr. Alair Sarmet Santos assumed the presidency of the CBR, along with the alignments made during the first meeting of 2019 of the Professional Defense Commission and ABCDI. In addition, he reinforced to colleagues the importance of fighting for their worth. “There is a feeling of dismay in the face of everything we have suffered in recent years, both in relation to the numerous determinations of the Federal Government and the challenges of the market and operators, who want to change the way physicians are paid while achieving millionaire profits. Our work has a lot of value and we cannot lose this focus”, he emphasized. The Opening Lecture was given by Dr. Robert Janett, professor at Harvard Medical School and executive of Cambridge Health Alliance, and had as its theme “Successful model of Cambridge Health Alliance in the care of more than 100,000 patients with proven results in reducing costs and increasing the quality of care with the use of Primary Health Care”. “This is an excellent opportunity for me to talk to experts about the need to reform the primary care-based health system, and experts are often unfamiliar with our field and its benefits, so this CBR initiative allows us to engage in a chat, at the beginning of a future dialogue,” said Dr. Robert Janett. Additionally, Dr. Janett adds that due to the fragmentation of the Brazilian Health System, it is necessary to incorporate vertical integration models. “Radiology is not the majority, Primary Care is not the majority, hospitals are not the majority, so we have to integrate all these components into a continent. The system that exists now depends on the patient being the messenger and that has to be broken. It is necessary to implement systems of communication and coordination among physicians to better collaborate with patients, they have chronic and not acute illnesses, and this represents long-term patient follow-up. It takes another system structure, other commitments, other skills, and that's why this event was a delight for me, because we started this process here”, he concluded. After the opening lecture, the first round table of the event began, with the theme “Relationship between Health Operators and Providers”, addressing topics such as guaranteeing the rights of beneficiaries in relation to the contracted network and the threat of disqualification as a negotiation strategy to reduce values, moderated by Dr. Cibele Alves de Carvalho and participation of the ANS representative and manager, Gustavo de Barros, and the Superintendent of Procon RJ, Douglas Leonard Queiroz Pessanha. The theme of the second round table was “How to Avoid the Precariousness of Supplementary Health in Brazil”, in which the development of medical protocols to better guide treatments, primary health care as a form of prevention and reduction of accidents and medical records was discussed. with a focus on improving patient care, moderated by Dr. Alexandra Monteiro, first secretary of the CBR, with the participation of Dr. Miyuki Goto, as AMB representative, and Dr. Salomão Rodrigues, counselor at CFM. In the afternoon, after the break, the third round table dealt with a very current topic that has been widely discussed: “Teleradiology and the job market”. The debate addressed topics such as Guarantees for compliance with CFM Resolution 2107/2014; Teleradiology when distance is not the critical factor; The valuation of work; and How to avoid auction pricing and unfair competition. Discussions began with a brief presentation by Dr. Cibele Alves de Carvalho, who presented Teleradiology Resolution CFM 2107/2014, and a contextualization by the moderator, Dr. Alexandra Monteiro, first secretary of the CBR and representative of Dr. Aldemir Soares, Coordinator of the Technical Chamber of Informatics in Health and Telemedicine at CFM, of which he is also a member. Participating in this table were Dr. Solomon Rodrigues and Dr. Miyuki Goto. “I have coordinated the CBR Teleradiology Committee since 2009. Dr. Fernando Moreira, who was president of the College at the time, was a pioneer and innovator, envisioning that technology as it is today would be inexorable in the practice of health as well. Ten years ago, the College anticipated this scenario because the world was already moving along this path. And today we are in the digital society”, he pointed out. The following round table discussed the “Legal Aspects of Outsourcing of Radiologists”, which discussed the jurisprudence in relation to the item and also the differences between outsourcing or pejotization, as well as the aspect of legality. This discussion was moderated by Dr. Alan Skorkowski, from the CBR Legal Department, and Dr. Turíbio de Campos, lawyer and representative of the CFM, and Dr. Guilherme de Moura, lawyer and AMB representative. Finally, the last round table addressed the “Future of Health in Brazil” and proposed reflections on changes in the law to guarantee the rights of beneficiaries and providers, bills to prioritize the implementation of electronic medical records and review of the SUS system. The debate was moderated by the CBR Economic Advisor, Carlos Moura, with the participation of Dr. Alair Sarmet Santos, President of the College, and Napoleão Salles, from the CBR Parliamentary Advisory Board. Couldn't catch up live? The recording is still available on Workplace, at Grupo Happen on CBR. Be sure to check it out! Homage The CBR National Professional Defense Forum was marked by an important tribute to Dr. Aldemir Humberto Soares, former president of CBR, due to his last day as a representative of the Brazilian Medical Association (AMB) at the Federal Council of Medicine (CFM). CBR President Dr. Alair Sarmet Santos, together with the Director of Professional Defense, Dr. Cibele Alves de Carvalho, and the first secretary, Dr. Alexandra Monteiro, they handed him a plaque with the following words: The Brazilian College of Radiology and Diagnostic Imaging thanks advisor Aldemir Humberto Soares for all the years he has spent representing Radiology and Diagnostic Imaging physicians before the Federal Council of Medicine , and the Brazilian Medical Association."