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Albert Einstein Hospital becomes accredited by Padi

“Knowing that we are contributing to raising quality and safety standards in the practice of diagnostic imaging is extremely gratifying”, says Dr. Adriano Tachibana, Medical Manager of the Diagnostic Imaging Center at Hospital Albert Einstein

Caption: Representatives from Padi/CBR and Hospital Albert Einstein at the delivery of the accreditation certificate
Credit: CBR

The Accreditation Program in Diagnostic Imaging (Padi), of the Brazilian College of Radiology and Diagnostic Imaging (CBR), now accredits Albert Einstein Hospital. The accreditation was approved in March this year, and highlights the importance of ensuring quality and safety in the imaging diagnostic center. 

Dr. Adriano Tachibana – Member of Cadi (Accreditation and Imaging Diagnosis Commission) and medical manager, radiological subspecialties, quality, safety and patient experience at Albert Einstein Hospital, followed the entire process of adapting to Padi standards. For Dr. Adriano, who witnessed the development of Padi, it is gratifying to see the evolution and professionalization of the program over time. The doctor also added: “Knowing that we are contributing to raising quality and safety standards in the practice of diagnostic imaging is extremely rewarding.”

He tells us a little more about Padi's process with Hospital Albert Einstein: “During the Einstein accreditation process, I had the opportunity to closely monitor all the effort, seriousness and commitment involved. It was inspiring to witness the team's dedication to meeting and even exceeding the demanding standards set by the accreditation program. Each stage of the process was marked by a deep focus on the main objective: ensuring the excellence and quality of the diagnostic imaging services offered.”

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This year, Padi turns 10 years old and Dr. Ruy Guimarães – Coordinator of Cadi spoke about the importance of accrediting an institution as important as Einstein: “In its 10th year of existence, Padi could not receive a better gift than accreditation of Albert Einstein Hospital, widely recognized as a prestigious and excellent healthcare institution. Having the hospital accredited by Padi gives the diagnostic center validation of the quality of its services and guarantees accurate exams”.

“Accrediting an institution internationally recognized for its high standards of quality and excellence in healthcare, is to be sure that CBR has followed the right path, in developing an Accreditation Program with high standards of quality and excellence, based on the best global practices and specific to radiology and imaging diagnostic activities, which actually contributes and adds value to the process”, added Dr. Ruy.


Padi also started to believe in Einstein's teleradiology. To have this type of accreditation, you must meet some requirements:

  • Teleradiology service systems meet the requirements of the Federal Council of Medicine (CFM) and the Brazilian Society of Health Informatics (SBIS);
  • Integration and integrity of received and sent data;
  • Safety of professionals in teleradiology services;
  • Infrastructure that guarantees the appropriate environment for preparing reports.

Padi's teleradiology accreditation relies on more than 100 general standards already existing in the Standard, as well as 20 new criteria, developed to specifically meet the characteristics of the service. The Padi Standard is also subject to assessment and certification by ISQua – The International Society for Quality in Health Care, a body that certifies health services certifying bodies around the world.

About Albert Einstein Hospital

Einstein is one of the reference hospitals in radiology and diagnostic imaging, with 800 professionals, including more than 300 radiologists. They even have an imaging diagnostic area that contains cutting-edge technology. “Each year, investment in new technologies guarantees pioneering and innovation for the entire imaging diagnostics sector in Brazil”, says Albert Einstein Hospital. In addition to the new Padi accreditation, Einstein has quality certifications from American College of Radiology and from Joint Commission International

Due to this concern with Quality, Einstein took another step towards continuous improvement in its diagnostic imaging processes. Padi accreditation guarantees improvement in processes, and excellence in quality and patient safety. 

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Dr. Adriano Tachibana talks about the importance of Einstein joining Padi: “Obtaining Padi accreditation nowadays is much more than simple recognition; is a declaration of radiology services' commitment to excellence, quality and safety. Through voluntary participation in this accreditation process, services demonstrate not only adherence to the minimum criteria, but a genuine desire for constant improvement and the search for excellence in their practices”.

The doctor ends by saying: “Padi accreditation has become a symbol of excellence and commitment for radiology and imaging diagnosis. By adopting its principles, we are not only ensuring adequate service today, but also building a safer, more efficient and ethical future for our specialty and our patients.”

Caption: Representatives from Padi/CBR and Hospital Albert Einstein at the delivery of the accreditation certificate
Credit: CBR