IMAIS offers a second opinion on clinical chest images for public health institutions

Launched on August 12, IMais is yet another CBR initiative in favor of radiologists and, consequently, of the entire Brazilian population.

IMais was born through an important partnership between the Brazilian College of Radiology and Diagnostic Imaging (CBR) and the company ALLM, specialized in creating and developing technological systems for the medical field, mainly in the field of telemedicine.

The purpose of this partnership is to support radiologists who are on the front line against COVID-19, working in hospitals and care centers in the public health system, such as UPA and UBS, to have a second opinion on the clinical images of the chest, via tomography Computerized and / or X-ray through the application called JOIN.

The main benefit is the tele-support that will be provided to the radiologist responsible for these services. He will share these images using the JOIN with the experts appointed by CBR for a discussion and a second opinion of these exams.

The aim is to assist the diagnosis of COVID-19 and the treatment of the patient with agility, efficiency and total information security.

With this second opinion, CBR will support the radiologist at the end of the service to have a new view of the shared images, contributing to make their diagnosis quick and accurate, as the current situation requires.

Access the IMAIS page and follow the steps to participate: https://cbr.org.br/imais/

Want to know more about JOIN? Access: https://www.allm.net/pt/join-pt/

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