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Beginning of the MBA Management in Diagnostic Medicine is highlighted in the month of May

On May 17, at the Center for Continuing Medical Education of CBR (CEMC CBR), the first class of the first class of the MBA Management in Diagnostic Medicine took place, an unprecedented initiative by CBR in partnership with FIA. The course is an opportunity for professionals looking to update and develop skills in order to develop better management of their businesses or as a professional in their work environment. The inaugural class was marked by a lecture by Prof. doctor Manoel Rocha, former president of CBR. Then, Professor Marcelo Pedroso, academic coordinator - FIA, who welcomed the students alongside Dr. Rogerio Caldana, course coordinator – CBR, spoke about the “Health Value Chain”. Among the participants, the radiologist Dr. Lucas Giansante Abud, from Ribeirão Preto, said that he found out about the course through communications via e-mail from CBR and, he was already looking for an MBA in health management, when he found this one, more focused on diagnostic medicine, he made his choice . “My goal is to deepen knowledge in management in the area. The first module, which addresses the systemic view of the health area, and the last, which will address management models involving the legal part, were the ones that most caught my attention, but all the content will be important”, he says. Already Dr. Marcelo Luiz Balancin, from São Paulo, is a pathologist. He, who found out about the MBA through the CBR website, reinforced his expectation: to gain knowledge in management in the field of Diagnostic Medicine. “My area, Pathology, is a laboratory area within Diagnostic Medicine, so I will expand my knowledge, using the model of Radiology and Diagnostic Imaging, since there are common elements between the two areas”, he explains. doctor Marcelo adds that “innovation was one of the topics that caught my attention among the disciplines, with the concepts of Artificial Intelligence, a topic that is very popular, and the search for innovation linked to the new forms of remuneration that are coming to the market”. Classes will be given fortnightly, on Fridays in the afternoon and on Saturdays all day. More information: www.cbr.org.br