2018-03-02 17:29:04 - 8

Enrollment open: Proof of Specialist Title and Expertise Area Certificate

Once again, the time has come for Radiology and Diagnostic Imaging professionals to take the test to obtain the Title of Specialist, while those in related specialties will try to obtain Certification in the Area of Practice. Registration is now open on the CBR portal and closes at 6 pm on March 20. The Federal Council of Medicine (CFM) defends the obligatoriness of the Title of Specialist for physicians who will occupy the position of technical director for some years. In 2013, the title became a prerequisite for a physician to become a technical director of specialized care services – thus, if the professional acts as a technical director, supervisor, coordinator, chief or physician in charge of specialized care services, he is obliged to to have the title. This guideline is valid for public or private hospitalization or medical assistance establishments anywhere in the national territory. The exam includes the specialties of Radiology and Diagnostic Imaging, General Ultrasonography and Interventional Radiology and Angioradiology. The areas of expertise are Bone Densitometry, Vascular Ultrasound with Doppler, Mammography, Diagnostic Neuroradiology, Therapeutic Neuroradiology, Ultrasonography in Gynecology and Obstetrics. Members who are up to date with their contributions pay R$ 1,150 (CBR/AMB and associated Specialty Societies) and non-members or defaulting members (CBR/AMB and associated Specialty Societies) pay R$ 1,800. The candidate handbook and regulations are now available. Click here and check all the information.