2019-11-05 18:24:38 - 13

Launch of the Conduct and Compliance Regulation – CBR/ABCDI: a milestone in the history of the institution

Another important step, the launch of the Conduct and Compliance Regulation – CBR/ABCDI reinforces how the Brazilian Association of Diagnostic Imaging Clinics has been working to increasingly align itself with the country's new reality and with the demands that today's society is demanding from companies. Currently, compliance standards have been increasingly necessary in various activities. In the area of Radiology and Diagnostic Imaging, these needs become evident due to the interface of radiologists with patients, with other physicians, with medical equipment companies and with the various healthcare operators and hospital services. “The radiological activity is related to regulatory agencies and radiation protection standards, requiring continuous observation of radiological standards. compliance, in order to provide better patient care, better quality of procedures, better compliance with institutional norms and greater protection against possible lawsuits that may eventually occur”, warns Dr. Adelson André Martins, director of ABCDI. “The current moment in Brazil, together with market demands and international movements, demands, especially after the Anti-Corruption Law, the application of rules of compliance, which aim to insert ethical and moral principles and values into corporate management that eventually go beyond legal and regulatory frameworks,” explains Dr. Ademar José de Oliveira Paes Junior, former director of ABCDI. The objective of this material is to point out the most relevant items on the subject, guiding and guiding clinics and associated services. A CBR/ABCDI Conduct and Compliance Rules addresses the fundamental values and principles in compliance, the relationship with public bodies, suppliers and operators and will be available to all associates on the institution's website. Check out!