2022-10-07 12:00:59 - 16

Launch of the National Project: Reference Levels in Brazil

Níveis de Referência de diagnostico

The CBR Radiological Protection Commission (CPR) launched, during CBR 22, the National Project: Reference Levels in Brazil, for adult and pediatric tomography, radiology and mammography exams. The objective of the project is to determine Diagnostic Reference Level (DRL) for several participating medical institutions, which should compose the values to be suggested by the CBR as national DRL in the different modalities to be studied.

The project's methodology consists of collecting technical, dosimetric and demographic data, referring to exams performed in the modalities to be studied, in hospitals and radiological clinics distributed in Brazil.

The data will be duly anonymized, stratified by age, gender and clinical indication of the radiological exams performed at the participating centers. As expected results, estimates of local, regional and national NRD should be established, which will be presented in analytical reports and scientific articles. In addition, educational activities will be developed for the supervisors of the participating centers. The project will be extended to Latin America with the support of Latin Safe.

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