2021-02-11 10:15:20 - 11

Exclusive batch: Members of CBR and/or state societies have priority in registration for hands-on and practical demonstrations

Update21, the great news of CBR at the beginning of this year, brings a series of different activities to the radiology community. For those who are members of the CBR and/or the state society, the advantages are even greater. An exclusive batch of vacancies was separated for the courses hands on and practical demonstrations offered at the event especially for current members. Until the 28th of February, therefore, registration will be open only for this audience. From the 1st of March all interested parties will be able to register, according to the availability of vacancies. There are more than 20 activities in different areas of Radiology, including courses hands on and practical demonstrations given by big names in the field. The broad scientific program, however, is just one of the highlights of NOVA21. The big difference is in the applied methodologies, based on active learning mediated by ICTs (Information and Communication Technologies), such as: Flipped Classroom, in Portuguese, inverted classroom, which consists of the student absorbing the content beforehand and, upon arriving in the classroom (online or face-to-face), already being aware of the subject to be developed. In this way, the face-to-face classroom becomes the place for teacher-student interaction; Problem Based Learning (PBL), in Portuguese, problem-based learning, microlearning, a short-term online learning format focused on a single learning objective; gamification, in Portuguese, gamification, which means adopting the logic, rules and design of games (analog and/or electronic) to make learning more attractive, motivating and enriching. andragogy, an educational path that seeks to understand the adult. “Enrollees will have access to pre-classes, which include theoretical content that will be available on the College's virtual learning platform 15 days before the live class; to the materials of these foot-lessons, such as short video lessons, radiological cases in DICOM made available on a specific platform - in the case of hands on -, in addition to bibliographic/electronic suggestions and syllabus, as an optional feature,” explains Dr. Luciana Costa, scientific director of CBR. The classes themselves will all take place live on April 17th and will have three hours dedicated to the discussion of clinical cases or demonstration of exams in real time, with interaction via chat and online polls. Students will be entitled to certification at the end of the course, which will be granted according to the College's schedule.