2019-09-25 16:54:05 - 8

MBA Management in Diagnostic Medicine consolidates as a differentiated tool for professional updating in this area

The course, which is an opportunity for professionals looking to update and develop skills in order to develop better management of their businesses or as a professional in their work environment, is in its fifth month with a highly integrated class. Curiosity, interest and proximity are perceived during classes and further favor integration and support among students. In the Whatsapp group that was created, sharing articles, doubts, opinions and contributions regarding the work has become routine, which further reinforces the unity of the group. Regarding integration, student Luiz Henrique confirms that it is really very positive. "Could not be better. In a short time, we managed to establish bonds that will certainly be perpetuated in our careers. More than that, we have been contemplated with the joy of new friendships. The diversity of professional training among students has enriched the debate in the classroom and transformed each of them into a unique journey”, he reinforces. The student Maisa Pardo reports that “the course opens a new channel of communication and incredible experience exchange with managers and future managers in the field of diagnostic medicine across the country.” So far, the disciplines of Strategic Planning, Strategic Management, Health Systems and People Management have been taught. Some specific topics on mergers and acquisitions, creativity, socio-environmental responsibility, which are part of these subjects, were also received with great interest by the class. For Luiz Henrique, the issues that most caught his attention so far were people management, innovation and creativity: “It is imperative that today's managers do not get stuck with concepts and formulas that do not fit their challenges”. Still on the subjects taught, Maisa adds: “For those of us who have training in the health area, learning and understanding people management, theoretical principles of business strategy and working creativity makes us leave the comfort zone and realize that it is essential to seek this apprenticeship. There is still a mysticism that medicine should not be seen as a business, moving us away from management knowledge. Which, in addition to being inconsistent with our reality, distances us from excellence in conducting the best professional practice.” In this MBA, three subjects are taught per module, and the classes take place fortnightly, being Friday afternoon and Saturday all day. It is also worth noting that the teaching staff is mostly composed of masters and doctors, in addition to specialists and professionals with notorious knowledge in the area and solid teaching and market experience, which guarantees excellent technical, academic and didactic training. to students. The evaluation system is carried out by the FIA (Fundação Instituto de Administração). CBR is responsible for the operational organization. The integration between the institutions works perfectly, with Professor Marcelo Pedroso, academic coordinator - FIA, alongside Dr. Rogerio Caldana, course coordinator – CBR.