2019-11-28 12:49:38 - 8

Inclusive medicine: together with other medical societies, CBR provides a position on care for transgender patients

The Brazilian College of Radiology and Imaging Diagnosis (CBR), the Brazilian Society of Clinical Pathology/Laboratory Medicine and the Brazilian Society of Endocrinology and Metabology recently launched a joint position to guide organizations and industry professionals on transgender patient care. Transgender people have specific health care needs that are unfamiliar to most clinical and health laboratory professionals, as well as society at large. Misinformation, stigma and prejudice are harmful and can contribute to much unhappiness, discrimination, abuse and violence. Being transgender is in no way a disease, and considering this condition as such, it may be among the primary causes of human rights violations suffered by transgender people. The particularities and challenges of laboratory care for people with gender incongruence encouraged the production of this document entitled “Inclusive diagnostic medicine: caring for transgender patients” to guide professionals and corporations operating in the sector. The material is available on the CBR website free of charge, access here.