2019-07-16 11:32:55 - 8

Member of the Radiological Protection Commission visits the Portuguese Institute of Oncology in Lisbon Francisco Gentil

Dr. Mônica Bernardo, who is part of the Radiological Protection Committee of the CBR, was, at the end of June, at the Francisco Gentil Portuguese Institute of Oncology in Lisbon (IPO). The objective was to get to know the service that is recognized for the practice of justification and dose optimization of public oncological radiological exams, being responsible for Dr. José Venâncio, director of the Radiology sector. On the occasion, important points were also clarified about the international radiological protection project in Portuguese-speaking countries (Developing Knowledge Skills and Competences in Radiation Protection in Medicine in Portuguese speaking countries), of which the CBR is part, as well as legal documents on the basis of radiological protection in Europe and Portugal, which could help in the implementation. "The Doctor. Venancio, together with Dr. José Afonso, who is a medical physicist at the IPO, showed us the local Radiology service and the work flowchart, as well as the equipment and the concern about radiological protection in practice, in the daily work”, says Dr. Monica. Another highlight of this meeting was that Dr. Venancio contacted Dr. Graciano Paulo, president of the Scientific Commission on Medical Imaging and Radiotherapy of the World Health Organization (WHO), to take the project to a meeting at the International Atomic Energy Agency, in Vienna, in July, further strengthening the work. “The meeting provided an important exchange of experiences, strengthening the campaign in Brazil and in Portuguese-speaking countries on radiological protection”, concludes Dr. Monica. In order to optimize the work, Dr. Monica also held a meeting with Dr. Laura Barlow, Head of Musculoskeletal Imaging at Florida Hospital in Orlando, and representative of Image Wisely (campaign to raise awareness about radiation protection in adults) during the European Society of Musculoskeletal Radiology (ESSR 2019), also in Lisbon, reinforcing the intention of implementing the campaign in Brazil. Photo: Dr. Monica and Dr. Venâncio next to a doctor specializing in Breast Imaging in the MRI sector