2020-06-03 14:44:12 - 11

News: CBR launches Symposium SIG CBR and expands discussions in the abdomen area

The CBR launched another novelty during the month of May, the SIG CBR Symposium, and expanded discussions in the area of the abdomen, in addition to expanding its offer of online content in the new Virtual Learning Environment. The Abdome SIG case meetings that are always held on the first Wednesday of each month at 12:00 pm (Brasília time) continue normally and are open to all interested parties, whether associated or not with the College. But for those interested in the topic, there is now another initiative by the institution. The SIG CBR Symposium offers unprecedented classes taught by professors from all over Brazil on different topics within the “Abdomen” area, which aim to further enrich the programming of professional updating content already offered by the SIG CBR that you know. The first class took place on May 13 with the theme “Benign ovarian alterations with emphasis on differential diagnosis and ORADS” with Professor Dr. Luis Ronan MF de Souza and Dr. Alice Cristina Coelho Brandão as moderator. “Revisiting hepatic vascular lesions” was the theme of the second class of the Symposium, held on May 20th, with Professor Dr. Giuseppe D'Ippolito and Dr. Manoel de Souza Rocha, former president of CBR, as moderator. The last class of the month, held on May 27, had the theme “Enter CT and Enter MR in the evaluation of Crohn's Disease” and was taught by Dr. Daniel Lahan Martins and moderated by Dr. Thiago José Penachim, also with a large audience, as well as the previous ones. Other classes are already scheduled and will take place on the next Wednesdays. Stay tuned to our social networks! How to participate?  Non-defaulting associate: All CBR members who are in good standing can participate live or access the edited version later in the Virtual Learning Environment, free of charge.  Delinquent Members or Non-Members Later, they will be able to acquire the edited version to watch in the Virtual Learning Environment. It is not possible to purchase live participation. The certificate will be awarded annually to those who have attended 75% classes at the Symposium. Remembering that the CBR Virtual Learning Environment is temporarily open to all interested parties. All available content is being offered free of charge until June 30th. Enjoy!