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Discover the National Circuit of Radiology that will move all of Brazil

The CBR Update Course is now ACTUALIZA21 and will have the participation of more than 20 state societies, considered the largest membership in recent years

Transformation. This has been a constant word in the activities of the Brazilian College of Radiology and Image Diagnosis (CBR). This is because the institution is engaged in a movement towards closer ties with its associates, from the youngest, still at the beginning of their careers, to the most experienced. And it is in this scenario that the UPDATE21, the National Circuit of Radiology, which aims to create connections, generate communities, expand the reach of radiological knowledge from north to south of the country, encourage networking and all this in a light, fun and, at the same time, challenging and innovative way. “We are very happy to know that we now have a new chance to work together, learn together, collaborate mutually and strengthen our partnership towards the same purpose, which is to prepare radiologists across the country to work in the challenging emerging future and , consequently, improve and expand our deliveries for the health of the population”, explains Dr. Luciana Costa, scientific director of CBR For more than a decade, the traditional Update Course brought together countless radiologists throughout Brazil encouraged by the exchange of knowledge that the activity provided and, now, it arrives at a new moment, transforming itself into a great circuit , involving the entire radiological community in a series of activities, including gamified activities, in addition to a hands-on online “battery” with advanced technological resources, as was the case at the Brazilian Congress of Radiology (CBR20), in October, totaling more than 20 courses in a single day. “Our cause is noble and being closer and closer, sharing knowledge in a movement that goes beyond technical cooperation, contributes to the strengthening of our relations. This drives us, through CBR as a catalyst, to the formation of an intelligent collective, which optimizes its intellectual resources, and ends up being always more efficient than a mere intelligently directed society”, concludes Dr. Luciana. UPDATE21 is made up of several activities that complement each other: National Marathon of Radiological Cases Gamified activity with awards, consisting of a state selection and a national selection. Radiologists and residents from all over Brazil can participate completely free of charge. This is a gamified activity, which involves state societies, all together and engaged in the same purpose. Were you curious? Check it out here the regulation. Friday live from Update21, dit was april 16 Opening Lecture Image Interpretation Session Online Roundtable: with live transmission where there will be an image interpretation session of the five most prominent cases in the Marathon, discussed by big names in Radiology. The team of radiologists and/or residents who win the state selective will also participate in this moment. It is also here where the public will get to know the three state societies that won the Marathon, which will receive the award (1st, 2nd and 3rd place). April 17th Battery of hands on – A battery of over 20 courses hands on in online format, with advanced technological resources for viewing images. As occurred at CBR20, courses will be available to those interested in the most diverse areas of Radiology and Imaging Diagnosis, with exclusive advantages in enrollment for CBR members and affiliates. All courses will take place on April 17 (Saturday), in the morning and afternoon. Click here to check and schedule and guarantee your participation in advance. Bearing in mind that Update21 will also have a specific program of practical demonstrations that, unlike hands on, the public does not manipulate the radiological images, but accompanies the teacher.