2020-02-19 11:06:26 - 11

Provision of service to the population: First CBR Studio discusses the “Coronavirus”

Estúdio CBR resumed its programming this year 2020 on February 6th, bringing an important topic for the entire population: the Coronavirus. The debate was moderated by doctors Hilton Leão and Rogério Caldana, members of the College's board of directors, who received doctors Celso Granato, infectologist, and Dante Escuissato, radiologist, as guests of the evening. In an important service to the population, Estúdio CBR was also broadcast live on Facebook, in addition to Workplace. The doctors explained the difference between the Coronavirus and the already known infections. doctor Celso started the debate by contextualizing the environment in which the Coronavirus emerged and how the medical community is alert to the arrival of the virus in Brazil. “It will most likely arrive in Brazil, I would be amazed if it didn't, as we have a very strong commercial relationship with China. It will arrive, as did H1N1, but the speed of knowledge is being astonishing, we have already talked about vaccines and treatments. The longer it takes to arrive, the better, as we will have more information, more resources for when it arrives, we will already have an established treatment”, he says. doctor Dante brought important reflections from the radiological point of view, warning above all that “compared to other epidemics, until the H1N1 pandemic, the image aspect was very similar, there were many similarities. Viral infections, analyzing the patient in isolation, are very similar to bacterial pneumonia. That is, in isolation, without a clinical context, what you will see will be nonspecific findings”, he warns. To watch Estúdio CBR on our YouTube channel Click here