Brazilian Radiology is highlighted at RSNA through CBR activities

CBR was present at the largest international radiology event, the 105th edition of the annual meeting of the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA), which took place between November 30 and December 6, in Chicago, United States. With an extensive program, including numerous meetings and strategic meetings with other medical societies, the College reaffirmed its role as a representative of Brazilian Radiology at the international level.

Brazil had the sixth largest delegation at RSNA 2019. Of the radiologists enrolled until December 2, the largest delegations were: USA (14,089), Canada (1,028), United Kingdom (954), France (837), Japan (689) , Brazil (664) and China (558).

Check out the main highlights of our participation:

CBR and Spanish Society of Medical Radiology (SERAM)

The meeting, held during the first day of the event, was marked by the alignment of interests for cooperation between the two entities in the area of education.

Another activity involving the institutions was a lecture given by Dr. Manoel Rocha, former president of the College, to SERAM with the theme “The use of social networks by CBR”, which addressed the various CBR initiatives in this area, such as Workplace, which currently has over 8,000 radiologists sharing cases, questions and experiences. He also talked about the CBR website now in 3 languages (Portuguese, Spanish and English), among other actions.

European Society of Cancer Imaging (ESOI)

A meeting was held between board members, culminating in an interinstitutional partnership.

Japanese Society of Radiology (SJR)

With SJR, which is already a partner, a meeting was held to discuss future actions.

British Institute of Radiology (BIR)

Continuing actions in partnership with the British Institute of Radiology (BIR), CBR members will have access to BIR courses, especially the recently launched PET-CT. The College continues to strengthen relations in the area of education and radiological protection, in a joint work with the CBR's Radiological Protection Commission. At the College were present at this alignment meeting the doctors Alair Sarmet Santos, president, Valdair Muglia, scientific director, Luiz Ronan Marquez Ferreira de Souza, vice-president Southeast, and Jorge Elias, Hepatology Commission.

Image Gently and Eurosafe

CBR and board members met Image Gently's president, Dr. Donald Frush. At the time, in addition to reinforcing the College's support for the worldwide organization to improve safety in pediatric imaging examinations, Dr. Frush was handed a copy of the shortened version of the “Radiologist Profile”, material released early this year by CBR and available for free on their website, with all the specialty data.

A meeting was also held with Eurosafe, reaffirming CBR's important support for the initiative and further highlighting the important role of CBR and these entities in projects focused on Radiological Protection.

Argentine Federation of Associations of Radiology, Imaging Diagnosis and Radiant Therapy (FAARDIT)

Continuing with the partnership already established in early 2019, a meeting with FAARDIT during the RSNA determined the next actions to be put into practice, such as activities that add to the annual congresses of both societies, nomination of Brazilian teachers for CADI20 ( Congreso Argentino de Diagnostico por Imagenes), Spanish classes at CBR20 and exchange of promotional materials.

2019 International Trends Session

The CBR, represented by its president, Dr. Alair Sarmet Santos, and its second secretary, Dr. Maria de Fátima Aragão, participated in the “2019 International Trends Session” during the second day of RSNA19. On the occasion, Dr. Henrique Carrete Jr., CIR President and former CBR President, gave a presentation on the Role of Teleradiology.

Colombian Association of Radiology (ACR)

Drs. Alair Sarmet Santos, CBR President, Dr. Valdair Muglia, Scientific Director, and Dr. Maria de Fátima Aragão, Second Secretary, met with ACR representatives and signed another important agreement, extending further CBR's network of international partners.

Padi and his results

The Diagnostic Imaging Accreditation Program (Padi) had its results presented during the event that brought together doctors and specialists from more than 130 countries and world-renowned health centers. The presentation was given by Dr. Adriano Tachibana, member of the CBR Accreditation Commission.

Digital Imaging and Communication in Medicine (DICOM)

The CBR participated in the DICOM Committee at RSNA19 on Thursday (5), being represented by the President, Dr. Alair Sarmet Santos, and the Scientific Director, Dr. Valdair Muglia. The College is a participating and active member of this committee, representing Brazil, which has several working groups.

Brazilian highlights at RSNA 2019

Several Brazilian radiologists actively participated in the last RSNA through moderation in scientific sessions, hands-on and even with oral presentations of original works. One of the highlights was Dr. Pedro Daltro, who gave a talk to about 1500 people during the event. It was a presentation with interactive audience participation in cases of pediatric abdomen, with excellent repercussion.

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