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Real Hospital Português wins Padi accreditation: “adds experience, learning and raises quality”

Management of the largest hospital complex in the North-Northeast of the country highlights the importance of Padi, which attests to excellence in diagnostic imaging

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One of Real Imagem's equipment / Photo: publicity

The largest hospital complex in the North-Northeast of the country, the Real Hospital Português de Beneficência, in Recife (PE), is the newest accredited by the Accreditation Program in Diagnostic Imaging (PADI), of the Brazilian College of Radiology and Diagnostic Imaging ( CBR). Management insisted on seeking specific accreditation to attest to excellence in diagnostic imaging, even though the hospital was already generally accredited by an international hospital certification. “Our patients always come first and deserve the security of receiving the best care in all areas”, highlights the Hospital's technical assistance director, Noel Loureiro.

“Real Imagem and Real Nuclear, from the Real Hospital Português de Beneficência, offer diagnostic imaging services with the highest quality standards, combining a modern technological park with humanized care. Padi attests to this excellence throughout the patient's entire journey: from scheduling the exam to delivering the report, always respecting their needs and choices. Winning the Padi accreditation is also a cause for celebration for the entire Institution and makes us an example of excellence in the services provided as a diagnostic imaging center”, completes Noel Loureiro.

João Eduardo da Fonte, medical manager at Real Imagem, and Delma Tenório, operational manager at Real Imagem, state that Padi boosts quality. “An accreditation of such relevance adds experience, learning and, consequently, increases the quality of care. In addition, we can see how proud Real Imagem and Real Nuclear employees are with this achievement,” she says. “It is also fundamental for the positive experience of the patient, providing more security for being in a reference institution and accredited by respected and consolidated certifiers, such as the Brazilian College of Radiology and Image Diagnosis”, he completes.

Transparency and learning in the audit

Alexssandra Galdino, manager of the Hospital's Patient Safety Center, declares that Padi's audit process “was clear, objective and transparent”. For her, “the preparation and experience of the team of auditors brought learning, exchange of experiences and criteria to increase security. During the audit, all elements were detailed and each item was checked, in order to verify compliance and opportunities for improvement, strengthening the Institution's maturity”.

Padi's lead auditor in the Real Hospital Português accreditation process, Ana Paula Rangel explains that audit principles and criteria are developed based on best practices and legal requirements. “The process has the participation and review of radiologists representing the different methods, in addition to contributions from professionals from different services, technical commissions and CBR partner societies.”

The auditor praises the commitment of the Diagnostic Imaging area of the hospital to promote the constant increase in quality in the area. “The management believes in this and strives for excellence in the service provided.” Auditors Padi André Silva and Samuel Bastos also participated in the accreditation process of the Real Hospital Português. A symbol of the Hospital's commitment to quality that marked the auditors was the closing meeting of the audit, in which the management brought together hundreds of employees to celebrate the moment and demonstrate everyone's commitment to the excellence promoted by Padi.

Padi has international recognition

Created by the Brazilian College of Radiology and Image Diagnosis in 2015, Padi is internationally recognized since 2017 by the International Society for the Quality of Health Care (ISQua, in the translation of the acronym in Portuguese). “With the approval of ISQua, the Padi accredited services demonstrate that they are in line with the best world practices”, says Ruy Guimarães, coordinator of the Commission for Accreditation in Diagnostic Imaging (Cadi) of CBR.

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