Northeast Region receives the first edition of the “Visiting Professor CBR” Program

An important CBR initiative, the “Visiting Professor CBR” Program, launched in September 2018 during the entity's 70th anniversary celebrations, had its first edition last Friday (15), in the city of Recife. The objective of the program is to promote the exchange of knowledge and experiences from the visit of a teacher for educational activities in residency and improvement programs throughout Brazil.

The prof. Dr. Manoel Rocha, from the Department of Radiology and Oncology, USP School of Medicine, visited the Hospital da Restauração, in the Pernambuco capital. With lectures and case discussions, he addressed in his program topics such as pancreas adenocarcinoma, pancreatic cystic lesions, cystic biliary lesions and resectability criteria for cholangiocarcinomas.

On Friday (22), prof. Dr. Manoel Rocha will be in Maceió (AL), at Arthur Ramos Hospital, for another visit by the “Visiting Professor CBR” program.

The radiologist interested in being a “Visiting Professor CBR” should submit their application, which will be reviewed by a specific committee. If approved, he will become part of a teacher bank. It is important to remember that to apply for “Visiting Professor CBR” the radiologist must be a member of the College.

Already the residency and improvement programs interested should apply, while the affiliated companies will endorse, with the CBR, the application of the residency and improvement program. The regulations and application forms are available on the CBR website.

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