2020-08-19 15:25:45 - 8

Revista Radiologia Brasileira is featured in the SCIMAGO database

Recently, Elsevier's SCIMAGO database released the evaluation of scientific journals registered by that institution. And, with great satisfaction, CBR received the news that Radiologia Brasileira, the College's scientific body, had the highest index of citations per article (cites/doc), referring to the period 2018-2019, among all Brazilian scientific publications indexed by the medical area, with a value of 3.21, well above the second journal. The cites/doc is one of the most relevant indicators of the quality of a journal's publications and the evolution of the RB, in this parameter, can be seen in the figure (below). The evolution of the "Cites/doc" of Brazilian Radiology in the last 3 years. (figure reproduced from https://www.scimagojr.com/journalsearch.php?q=4000151814&tip=sid&clean=0) Another point to highlight is the relevance of the presence of Brazilian Radiology on the international scene. Among the 308 publications in the area of Radiology and Diagnostic Imaging indexed in SCIMAGO, worldwide, Radiologia Brasileira is ranked 46th, ahead of prestigious and traditional publications. Check it out on the link https://www.scimagojr.com/. Professor Edson Marchiori, editor-in-chief of the magazine, highlights the most important aspects of this recent assessment, which is the fact that Brazilian Radiology is becoming a vehicle for scientific dissemination that is arousing growing interest in the international scientific community, receiving a relevant number citations to your articles. Authors and researchers in the field of Radiology, with special emphasis on those participating in graduate programs stricto sensu evaluated by CAPES benefit greatly from these advances in the journal's qualification, not only in the evaluation of the programs to which they belong, but also in their personal evaluations, when they apply for research grants to the development agencies. “On the other hand, everyone can make their contribution to the advancement of this process: the only way for the journal to continue rising in this ranking, improving its impact more and more, is to raise awareness by citing it more and more in our scientific articles published in other indexed journals. It should also be noted that only quotations from the two years prior to the current year are of interest”, adds Dr. Marchiori.