2020-01-10 15:32:44 - 13

SERAM and CIR: Common agreement orders and normalizes the relations between the Spanish Society and the national institutions that make up the CIR

At the last Assembly of the CIR (Collegio Interamericano de Radiologia), held in Chicago on December 2nd during the RSNA 2019, the nomination of Spain as the location to host the 2022 CIR congress was unanimously approved. The event will be held in May in conjunction with SERAM (Spanish Society of Medical Radiology), as CIR-SERAM 2022. In addition, the “SERAM Relationship – CIR Societies” contract was signed. The objective of the document is to organize and normalize the relations between SERAM and the national groups that are members of the CIR, such as the CBR (Brazilian College of Radiology and Imaging Diagnosis), establishing a common basic structure for all entities. The document contains all the benefits that are offered to CIR member entities, including visibility on the SERAM website in a dedicated space, automatic request for a SERAM Visiting Professor, differentiated conditions for active CIR members in SERAM educational activities, among others. . Click here and check the document in its entirety. We also remind you that due to this partnership, the Spanish entity is offering 30 free registrations for residents and young radiologists up to 40 years of age associated with the CBR to participate in the 35th Congress of the Spanish Society of Medical Radiology (SERAM), which will take place from the 21st to May 23 in Zaragoza, Spain. Among the selected residents, three will have air tickets paid for by CBR. read the complete regulation and don't miss this opportunity!