Movement for the Professional Defense of Radiologists in Pernambuco, A Success Story

On several occasions I was asked how we managed to have a balanced relationship in the negotiations between the different private health plan operators and the Radiology class in Pernambuco. So that we can understand how we arrived at the results achieved, I will make a brief history here, contextualizing the various nuances that brought us to the current situation. … Continue lendo

Open Letter to the Population

The Brazilian College of Radiology and Image Diagnosis (CBR), in accordance with its ethical and statutory principles as well as its commitment and responsibility in providing the best service to the population, hereby informs that it has received a complaint about the performance of ultrasound exams by non-medical professionals, therefore unskilled and/or qualified. – Regarding those… Continue lendo

CBR participates in the CBHPM Technical Chamber meeting at the Brazilian Medical Association (AMB)

The CBR, represented by the Director of Professional Defense, Dr. Cibele Carvalho, and by the College's Economic Advisor, Mr. Carlos Moura, participated this Wednesday, May 2, in the CBHPM Technical Chamber meeting at the Brazilian Medical Association (AMB), in which the Ultrasonic Hepatic Elastography procedure was included in the CBHPM, after approval in the “List of … Continue lendo

Guarding/Archiving images and reports: What should doctors know?

The purpose of this article is to bring together, in a punctual and systematic way, the necessary guidelines regarding the theme “safekeeping and archiving of images and reports” – based on existing legislation and opinions on the matter. Here are the most relevant topics: The exams (films and reports), despite sometimes receiving different treatment, … Continue lendo