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Enforcement of Token Use by Beneficiaries

We have been following cases of disallowances of 30% to 40% of all the volume served in various parts of Brazil. One of the largest supplementary health operators in the country has imposed the use of token to confirm requests for consultations and examinations with the justification of promoting more safety, technology and transparency, allowing beneficiaries to confirm […]

Importance of reconciling TISS standard payment statements and disallowances

Prior to the TISS (Supplementary Health Information Exchange) standard, it was very difficult and financially unviable to reconcile exam-to-exam payment statements and disallowances. Starting with the simple fact that many operators did not give this type of information or, when they sent, the information was not complete, thus making reconciliation impossible without any […]

Importance of TISS Standard for Radiology and Diagnostic Imaging Clinics

The Supplementary Health Information Exchange (TISS) Standard of the National Supplementary Health Agency (ANS) has completed more than ten years, but it is worth recalling some very important points, which many operators have not followed, but which are fundamental to the clinics. In the early versions of TISS standards 1.0 and 2.0, the […]