Whatsapp and similar platforms for case discussions Understanding of CFM

In an important opinion on a current topic and which contains controversial issues, the Federal Council of Medicine (CFM) concluded that digital communication platforms, such as WhatsApp, can be used by professionals to discuss medical cases. CFM opinion No. 14/2017, issued by Dr. Emmanuel Fortes S. Cavalcanti, highlighted, however, some points that must be … Continue lendo

Use of WhatsApp between doctors and patients is the subject of a CFM opinion

The Federal Council of Medicine (CFM) released an opinion on the use of WhatsApp between doctors and also professionals and their patients. Document No. 14/2017 is signed by the reporting member Emmanuel Fortes S. Cavalcanti. After a broad approach on the subject, the opinion, in its conclusion, highlights the private character of the exchanged contents: … Continue lendo