2019-07-03 09:50:15 - 8

CBR Webinar: College members have one more exclusive benefit

A new and important educational action by the Brazilian College of Radiology and Image Diagnosis, the CBR Webinar has as its main feature the approach to topics of general interest, always by a big name in the chosen specialty. Webinar is a kind of videoconference, in which a company or institution uses an online platform for one-way communication. The term is an abbreviation of the expression in English web based seminar, which means seminar held over the internet. With 45 minutes of activity, with 20 to 25 minutes of class followed by cases that illustrate the topic, with the possibility of sending questions to a moderator, the CBR Webinar will take place every four weeks, always on Tuesdays, from 12:15 to 13:00 (Brasilia time). The idea of launching the Webinar CBR was born from the characteristics of Brazil, which has great distances and which, many times, make it difficult for people to travel to the places of face-to-face events and the ease today of holding classes and discussions via the web, combined with the policy adopted by the College to carry out high-impact initiatives to reach a large number of radiologists in all regions of Brazil. “This initiative allows important topics, common to radiologists and not just to specialists, to be discussed in a very practical way, reflecting day-to-day needs. Cases related to the theme of the day will be discussed and people will be able to ask questions, providing great interaction and very practical learning”, explains Dr. Valdair Muglia, scientific director of the CBR. The idea is to address topics of interest to general radiologists, even if they are presented by a specialist in the field. “In this way we add the experience of someone who is dedicated to the subject so that he can transmit his knowledge and experience in a clear and didactic way to a large number of people. We have a team of specialists in the country and abroad, who are very interested and available to collaborate with the CBR and with the teaching of Radiology in Brazil”, adds Dr. Valdair.   How to participate? All CBR members in good standing are invited to participate, free of charge. Remembering that residents do not pay the College annuity. Days before the webinar, a registration email will be sent with the webinar schedule and a link to register in the tool. With the registration made, just access the webinar link through the tool on the scheduled day and time and participate. Participants who have 75% of annual attendance at the webinars will receive a professional update certificate. We remind you of the importance of keeping your registration always up to date to receive the invitation to the webinar and also other communications from CBR.