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Workplace_Wordmark_Gray (2)There are already more than 3,000 users. Workplace, a platform to share knowledge and make contacts launched in June by the Brazilian College of Radiology and Diagnostic Imaging (CBR) is a great success. The number of interesting cases frequently posted, the discussions generated by them and the various issues relevant to the area, such as defense, have attracted many professionals to the tool.

Two of the most active participants, Dr. Euler Campos, from Minas Gerais, who works in several groups, such as General, Gastrointestinal, Genitourinary, Breast and Pediatric Ultrasound, and Dr. Marina Taliberti, Hospital Santa Catarina and Pro Maternity Matre, in São Paulo (SP), who especially follows the Breast and Ultrasound groups in Gynecology and Obstetrics, told a little about his experiences in the Workplace.

“I thought it was fantastic. What struck me most was the resemblance to Facebook, which enabled multiple interaction features and made it easy to navigate, ”says Dr. Euler. According to him, the tool can help radiologists precisely in the possibility of interaction: "A window of opportunity opens up both in the discussion of interesting cases and in attracting professionals."

For Dr. Marina, it was difficult to find a way to have a personal archive organized, with cases or something relevant that she saw on a daily basis. "Like Workplace, as soon as I see an interesting case, I shoot, film and insert it. It's very practical, ”he compliments. “It's also a way of knowing what other professionals are doing, understanding the references of each region. Anyway, it is difficult to have access to a platform with so much information at the same time, ”he adds.

The radiologist says she was very surprised by the positive reaction of the other users: “I didn't think they would respond to my posts, but they returned quickly. I made several contacts with professionals in my area and all successfully, including renowned people, such as Dr. Linei Urban [coordinator of the CBR Mammography Commission] and Ana Lúcia Kefalás [also member of the committee]. Having the support of more experienced people is extremely important. ”

Both Dr. Euler and Dr. Marina use the tool quite often. “I use it several times during the day, checking published cases and relevant discussions, as well as posting several daily cases,” says the radiologist. “Access to Workplace daily and usually post one or more cases during the week. Even if they are not unusual, I know they will help residents, for example, ”says the professional.

As final highlights, Dr. Euler believes that being in a restricted and homogeneous group helps a lot in making new contacts. The opinion is shared by Dr. Marina, who sees the tool as a way for colleagues to know each other.

If you have not received an invitation to Workplace and are interested in using the platform, please send your full name and CRM to the email: radiologia@cbr.org.br.

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