CBR Radiological Protection Commission holds Workshop on Justification, Optimization and Quality in Tomography

The CBR Radiological Protection Commission (CPR), with the support of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), Brazilian Association of Medical Physics (ABFM), Brazilian Society of Nuclear Medicine (SBMN) and National Nuclear Energy Commission (CNEN) , held the Workshop on Justification, Optimization and Quality in Tomography, in the week of January 23rd to 27th, … Continue lendo

CBR supports campaign for mammography in SUS from the age of 40

Committed to the dissemination of quality information based on scientific knowledge, the Brazilian College of Radiology and Imaging Diagnosis was invited to support the social mobilization campaign Mammography in the SUS from the age of 40. Launched by the pharmaceutical company Pfizer, the objective is to take advantage of the National Mammography Day, on the 5th of … Continue lendo

CBR initiatives in Brazil focused on the safety of patients, health professionals and the population are highlighted in April

Radiological Protection Day is celebrated in Latin America and the Caribbean on April 15 in honor of Dr. Dan Jacobo Beninson, recognized Argentine physician and physicist specialist in radiological safety who, on this date, in 1996, received the Sievert Prize, the highest honorary award in this specialty. It is therefore encouraged that forums of … Continue lendo