Conheça a nova diretoria da SCR para a gestão 2020/2023

A nova diretoria da Sociedade Catarinense de Radiologia (SCR) para a gestão 2020/2023 foi eleita neste mês de setembro e terá como membros Dr. Gustavo Pelandré como presidente, Dr. Fábio Vargas como vice-presidente, Dr. Juliano Pereima como 1º secretário, Dra. Luciane Stupp como 2ª secretária, Dr. Ângelo Carrão como 1º tesoureiro, Dra. Isabela W. dos […]

Associations in Action: Sessions and online classes are successful in RJ

The traditional Radiology sessions held by SRad-RJ and by professors from universities such as UFRJ needed to adapt to the COVID-19 pandemic period and started to be offered in the online format. The Radiology Society of Rio de Janeiro supported all activities and started to provide access to virtual meetings, offering […]

SCR opens registration for election boards of its board

The Sociedade Catarinense de Radiologia (SCR) opened registration plates for those interested in running for election to its board of directors. In order to enroll the slate, members must be members of the CBR and SCR. The list of positions that make up the SCR's board of directors are: Position President Vice-President 1st Secretary 2nd Secretary […]

JPR 2020 Virtual started on May 27th and will have two phases

In all, 26 Lives and seven Plenary Sessions will be presented on the JPR website in two phases: from May 27 to June 24, and from July 27 to August 12. In addition to these presentations, about 300 new classes will be recorded for JPR 2020 Virtual and made available to the active member of […]

SPR official announcement on the cancellation of JPR 2020

São Paulo, March 19, 2020 In recent weeks, the Paulista Society of Radiology and Diagnostic Imaging (SPR) has intensely followed, with all its professionalism and seriousness, the evolution of the COVID-19 pandemic in Brazil and worldwide. As a medical entity, SPR has always been concerned with the health impact of the pandemic […]

SPR Official Communication on COVID-19 and the holding of JPR 2020

São Paulo, March 6, 2020. The Paulista Society of Radiology and Diagnostic Imaging (SPR) informs all its members - including coordinators, professors and congressmen from JPR, as well as all its institutional partners, suppliers, exhibitors, potential visitors to the Day and others interested in the event, which is accompanying […]