2020-08-19 15:22:35 - 8

Diversity of CBR Studio themes also in podcast

The College has intensified the programming of Estúdio CBR in recent months, mainly due to the pandemic caused by the new coronavirus, with topics directly related to COVID-19. But other topics were also part of this active program. It is possible to follow the program live on Workplace, and eventually on our YouTube channel with full interaction with the public, making it possible to ask questions and make comments directed at the guests. For those who couldn't watch it live, the edited version is also available in podcast format on iTunes, SoundClound and Spotify and in video on the College's website, on a dedicated page: https://cbr.org.br/estudio-cbr/ The CBR Studio, which always took place on Thursdays, fortnightly, at 7 pm at the CBR headquarters, gave way to a more dynamic agenda, mainly due to the availability of specialists. “We are having programs sometimes weekly and sometimes even more than one per week”, says Dr. Hilton Leão, CBR communication director and main moderator of the activity. The most recent editions dealt with topics such as “Update of guidelines on imaging in Covid-19: National and International Actions”, “Histological aspects of COVID-19 – Radiological correlation with minimally invasive autopsy”, “New technologies: RadVid19”, among others. others.