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Panel highlights CBR's pioneering spirit in quality certification in Brazil

The pioneering spirit of the Brazilian College of Radiology and Diagnostic Imaging (CBR) in terms of quality certification in the country will be one of the themes of the I Symposium on Quality and Clinical Management at CBR. With 11 panels presenting methodologies, discussions and case studies of success from renowned institutions that contribute to the knowledge and application of best quality and management practices, the Symposium will be held from September 1st to 3rd, in Florianópolis (SC). Sign up!

The College's first Seal of Quality was Mammography, in 1992, which became an important tool in the fight against breast cancer in Brazil and served as a model for the creation of other stamps: Magnetic Resonance, Tomography and Ultrasonography. The CBR Quality Seals Program evaluates the quality of the method through information about equipment, clinical staff, images and reports.

Doctors, patients and health insurance companies benefit from the program. The seal is a guarantee that the clinic or hospital has been submitted to the CBR evaluation, and that the institution has evaluated and certified the technical quality of the images and test reports, considering them adequate to its rigorous standards.

The panel on CBR Quality Seals will have the following themes:

- CBR pioneer in quality certification in Brazil
- Types of specific monitors for each type of exam modality
- Important requirements for quality certification in a mammography service
- Presentation case first clinic certified by the mammography seal
- Round table

The 1st CBR Clinic Quality and Management Symposium

simposio qualidade gestão de clínicas CBR Padi acreditação

The Symposium will also feature panels on topics such as Quality on the Agenda, LGPD, Safety in Teleradiology, Market Trends in Health, The Patient at the Center of Care and Indicators for Improving Performance in Imaging, among others, as well as an exhibition of scientific papers and much more. more. All with the participation of renowned experts in the field.

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