Artificial intelligence platform supported by CBR helps diagnose patients with COVID-19 more quickly

Technology developed by InovaHC, the innovation arm of USP's Hospital das Clínicas, has already had more than 20 thousand accesses and almost 7 thousand exams analyzed in one month


The RadVid-19 artificial intelligence platform for diagnosing the new coronavirus has helped doctors and healthcare institutions across the country to optimize diagnosis and treatment against covid-19. Developed by the Institute of Radiology (InRad) at USP, and by InovaHC - innovation and technology arm of the Hospital das Clínicas of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of São Paulo (HCFMUSP) -, since it was launched, just over a month ago, it has already received 21,500 thousand accesses and registered almost seven thousand image exams sent by radiologists from 12 Brazilian states, with 71% of positive results for covid-19. Powered by a vast database of X-rays and chest CT scans of patients from 50 hospitals registered throughout Brazil to date - the platform is able to identify evidence of the presence of covid-19 in the exams, using algorithms and artificial intelligence technology.

The service is available free of charge to doctors and health institutions throughout Brazil. The goal is to help make decisions about the best treatment to be indicated against the disease caused by the new coronavirus, based on a more accurate diagnosis. The purpose of the system is to read x-rays and computed tomography, and indicate the likelihood of the person being or not infected with covid-19. The process, fast and simple, happens via the identification of common patterns of the disease in imaging exams. The tool also shows the degree of pulmonary impairment and, thus, creates a large database, which can help doctors to define conduct and possible treatment even before the results of other types of tests.

In addition, the platform allows radiologists on call online to answer diagnostic questions based on imaging tests - indicating, for example, high or low probability for covid-19. “Since the end of May, we have experienced radiologists on duty. The idea is to help other doctors in hospitals across the country who use the platform, to answer questions and discuss patient cases, with an accurate diagnosis based on the artificial intelligence algorithm available on the platform ”, highlights the director of InovaHC, Marco Bego. In addition to the on-call staff, “the platform is constantly improving. New features will soon be released to help professionals who are in places with more critical cases because of the pandemic ”, adds Giovanni Guido Cerri, president of the institute.

Partner companies

The platform is a project of InovaHC and the Institute of Radiology (InRad), both from the Hospital das Clínicas of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of São Paulo (HCFMUSP), made possible by Todos pela Saúde with support from Itaú Unibanco and Petrobras. Technological partners include Amazon Web Services, GE Healthcare - Enterprise Digital Solutions (EDS) Division, Huawei Cloud and Siemens Healthineers - Digital Health Area. Institutions such as the Brazilian College of Radiology and Diagnostic Imaging (CBR), the São Paulo Society of Radiology and Diagnostic Imaging (SPR) and the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) are also in the project as institutional support. Deloitte supports project strategy, advice and governance. Among the partners are Grupo Fleury and Instituto Tellus. The Sírio-Libanês Hospital is a partner in the design and construction of the project. The RadVid platform also has the Novartis Foundation as a strategic partner and support from the state departments of Economic Development and Health and from the Ministry of Science, Technology, Innovations and Communications (MCTIC).

Health professionals and medical institutions from all over the country can access the platform through the internet radvid19.hc.fm.usp.br.


About InovaHC

The Technological Innovation Center - InovaHC's main objective is to encourage innovation within the scope of HCFMUSP, to manage the intellectual property generated in this environment, and to provide means to promote the transfer of scientific, technological and cultural knowledge to the public and private productive sector, aiming at improving the health of the State and the Nation. This general purpose is in accordance with state and federal laws, which are motivated to make technological innovation a strategic component of economics and development.


Inova is a movement with the objective of encouraging innovation inside and outside the Hospital das Clínicas of the Medical School of USP.


About InRad

The Institute of Radiology (InRad) at Hospital das Clínicas, Faculty of Medicine, University of São Paulo (HCFMUSP) is a center of excellence in research, diagnosis and imaging therapies. It is also responsible for the pharmaceutical production of items used daily for clinical research and also for products used in the clinical routine and drugs produced in the nuclear medicine sector where is the cyclotron, particle accelerator that produces the radioactive glucose formula FDG (Fluorodeoxyglucose) used in PET (Positron Emission Tomography) exams. During the process, if the patient has a cancer cell, it glows.

In addition, InRad won the classification of the best nuclear medicine center in the world by the International Atomic Energy Agency. Every year, 215 thousand patients pass through InRad. In the last four years, more than 1.5 million tests were performed, including ultrasound, general radiology, computed tomography, magnetic resonance, nuclear medicine and mammography. The institute has 82 state-of-the-art radiology equipment to perform more than 300,000 exams per month, 25,000 of which are X-rays alone.


Amazon Web Services

Inter-American Development Bank (IDB)

Brazilian College of Radiology and Diagnostic Imaging (CBR)


Novartis Foundation

GE Healthcare - Enterprise Digital Solutions (EDS) Division

Fleury Group

Syrian-Lebanese Hospital


Tellus Institute

Ministry of Science, Technology, Innovations and Communications (MCTIC)


State Health Departments

State Secretariats for Economic Development

Siemens Healthineers - Digital Health Area

Paulista Society of Radiology and Diagnostic Imaging (SPR)

All for Health - with support from Itaú Unibanco


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