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“Visiting Professor CBR” program promotes the exchange of knowledge and experiences in different places in Brazil

A highlight during the first half of 2019 with three editions, the “Visiting Professor CBR” Program, launched last year during the celebrations of the entity’s 70th anniversary, is one of the most important educational initiatives of CBR and aims to promote the exchange of knowledge and experiences from the visit of a teacher for educational activities in residency and improvement programs throughout Brazil. The first edition of the program took place in February, in the city of Recife (PE), with prof. doctor Manoel Rocha, from the Radiology and Oncology Department of the USP Medical School, who visited the Hospital da Restauração, in the capital of Pernambuco. With theoretical classes and case discussions, the program addressed topics such as pancreatic adenocarcinoma, pancreatic cystic lesions, cystic lesions of the biliary tract and criteria for resectability of cholangiocarcinomas. The Doctor. Manoel Rocha was also in Maceió (AL), at Arthur Ramos Hospital. “The 'CBR Visiting Professor' program puts experienced professors in direct contact with resident physicians. Learning takes place in different ways. We need to read articles, look for references in books, but one of the most interesting ways is direct contact with the most experienced. This is a characteristic present in all professions. Even services with a large number of assistants and preceptors can benefit from receiving a Visiting Professor. It's always good to hear from someone from another service who might have a different approach. Although aimed at residents, the program also allows the Visiting Professor to discuss with the doctors of the service, in an enriching exchange of knowledge”, highlights Dr. Manuel. In May, it was the turn of the Faculty of Medicine of Triângulo Mineiro, in Uberaba (MG), to receive the “Visiting Professor CBR” with Prof. Dr. Tatiana Fazecas, who provided theoretical classes and case discussions with residents in the area of Pediatrics. “My experience was great and the exchange of experiences was mutual. In the morning I stayed at the university hospital with all the residents of the service carrying out tests on the hospitalized patients. I tried to demonstrate the peculiarities of pediatric radiology by performing more specific examinations of the specialty, such as transfontanel, medullary canal, transperineal ultrasound, evaluation of congenital hip dislocation and gastroesophageal reflux. In addition, it was possible to discuss some tomography cases that the residents themselves had already separated and to show some archival cases complementing the information of previously discussed cases. The residents showed a lot of interest in learning new techniques and in observing different ways of performing the procedures they already knew”, recalls Dr. Tatiana. In the afternoon, an auditorium was made available so that other radiologists and colleagues from other specialties could participate. Four broader themes were chosen, such as Childhood Tuberculosis; indications and techniques in chest tomography; malformation of the urinary tract and urinary infection; and imaging evaluation of the digestive system. After each topic, participants were able to ask questions, providing excellent interaction. “Being a 'CBR Visiting Professor' is much more than bringing the knowledge of a subspecialty, it is an enriching experience for both the professor and the student. There is not only an exchange of knowledge, but different realities that complement each other”, adds Dr. Tatiana. For Dr. Luis Ronan Luis Ronan Marquez Ferreira de Souza, responsible for the Residency Program at the Triângulo Mineiro Faculty of Medicine, which received the program, reinforced the contribution of the visit. “It was transformative. Receive a visit from Dr. Tatiana, with such willingness and charisma to share knowledge, helped to fill a gap we had in the residency. That's why we organize the activities so that the resident stays all day, taking advantage of case discussions, practical activities and all the exchange that the program provided”, he says. Another successful edition of the program was at Santa Casa de Misericórdia de Maceió, with Prof. doctor Valdair Muglia teaching classes in the area of abdominal imaging with a focus on genitourinary pathologies. “I found a group extremely motivated and focused on didactic activities, both in classes and in the discussion of cases. I was able to verify the high level of the preceptors of the Santa Casa de Maceió Service and their effort to achieve more teaching activities. Everyone was free to participate intensely in the activities and showed great interest in the activities, with a high level of interaction, in a very informal environment”, says Dr. Valdair. The “Visiting Professor CBR” program arose from the need to offer radiologist training centers a way of filling occasional gaps in their medical residency programs. “This is one more of the College's initiatives focused on teaching activities. It was born from a very clear demand from several affiliated state societies, which the CBR strives to meet, without forgetting other essential activities such as professional defense. After a semester of 'CBR Visiting Professor Program' events, we can say that the initiative is fully achieving its objectives”, concludes Dr. Valdair, who is currently also the scientific director of the institution. For more details on how to apply for the “CBR Visiting Professor” Program, visit https://cbr.org.br/programa-professor-visitante-cbr/