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Check out the CBHPM table update released by AMB

Existing Postage and UCO Values Corrected The Brazilian Medical Association (AMB), through its Official Notice, published on October 29, 2018, corrected the CBHPM Existing Postage and UCO Values, using the INPC / IBGE as a reference for updating. of the period, which corresponds to 3.97%, associated with the necessary adjustments for the […]

TC - Virtual Colonoscopy (colonography) is the new procedure nomenclature in TUSS

The CBHPM meeting held on August 29, at the headquarters of the Brazilian Medical Association (AMB), for the Inclusion of 41001265 TC - Virtual Colonoscopy (colonography) was positive. Thus, the adequacy of the procedure nomenclature in TUSS (Unified Supplementary Health Terminology) code 41001265 changed from “Virtual Colonoscopy CT” to “Virtual Colonoscopy TC (colonography)”. […]

The future of Radiology and Imaging Diagnosis

In these times when technology is advancing at a rapid pace, the question arises of the substitution of medical work through artificial intelligence. Is this our biggest threat or well before we need to discuss several other much closer issues? Teleradiology, whose standardization was performed by CFM through Resolution 1890/2009 and […]

CBHPM Questions and Answers

This month's CBR Bulletin interviews Dr. Miyuki Goto, an advisor to the Professional Defense Board of the Brazilian Medical Association (AMB), who answers questions about the Brazilian Hierarchical Classification of Medical Procedures (CBHPM). CBR Bulletin - Surface structure ultrasound code includes axillary ultrasound. […]

CBHPM National Forum Has Important Medical Conclusions

On August 4, the VII National Forum on the Brazilian Hierarchical Classification of Medical Procedures (CBHPM) was held at the headquarters of the Minas Gerais Medical Association (AMMG), in Belo Horizonte (MG). Medical professionals from various regions of Brazil and representatives of medical entities, as well as members of important sectors of supplementary health, […]