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June CBR webinar discusses Generative Artificial Intelligence (ChatGPT and the like)

During the two-hour seminar, the doctors addressed various topics on technology such as: Evolutionary Computing, Generative Artificial Intelligence, ChatGPT and Medicine 4.0

Caption: Dr. Ronaldo Baroni (top left), Dr. Augusto Antunes (upper left story) and Dr. Edson Amaro (Centered at the bottom of the screen)
Credit: CBR

The June CBR Webinar had the following theme: "Generative Artificial Intelligence (ChatGPT and the like): perspectives in Radiology". The seminar took place on June 26, at 7:30 pm (Brasília time) and lasted approximately two hours. 

The coordinators of this edition were doctors Ronaldo Hueb Baroni (CBR Scientific Director) and Augusto Antunes (College member), and Dr. Edson Amaro Jr., Neuroradiologist and responsible for the Big Data area at Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein.

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Right at the beginning of the exhibition, Dr. Edson Amaro addressed the subject on the evolution of computing. He showed from the beginning the evolutionary process and technological advances in computing until the arrival of Artificial Intelligence (AI), and ChatGPT.

Next, the guest showed an article that compares human doctors and ChatGPT. According to Dr. Edson Amaro, an excerpt from the article says that: “Humans (patients) prefer ChatGPT in two criteria: quality of response and empathy, than other humans who are doctors”.

Caption: Dr. Edson Amaro during his explanation at the June CBR Webinar
Credit: CBR

After the guest presentation, Dr. Augusto Antunes brought how to use what was said by Dr. Edson Amaro during his explanation, mainly about generative AI algorithms. The CBR member simulated queries on the ChatGPT platform and said: “Generative AI happens (in healthcare) in the scenario of medicine 4.0”.

The Doctor. Augusto also addressed the 4th industrial revolution and its relationship with medicine: “The technologies that were developed in each industrial revolution led to advances, to the capacity for treatment, for diagnosis that we did not have the possibility before”. The doctor added: “Medicine is closely linked to these technological advances”. 

In the final part of the Webinar, participants answered some questions from people who followed the seminar live, in addition to discussing the perspective of radiology with the arrival of Generative Artificial Intelligence. For Dr. Augusto Antunes, the arrival of new technology will help the radiologist, making doctors optimize their time and have better contact with patients and other doctors. 

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The Doctor. Ronaldo Baroni also spoke about the arrival of AI in the radiology sector: “When AI increases productivity, it does not mean that it only increases the productivity of reports, it increases medical productivity. It's all the medical activities you can do as a radiologist."

The Doctor. Edson says that the radiologist should gain more functions with the arrival of AI: "We will probably see the emergence of another activity of the radiologist, our ability to be an interlocutor and translator of technology is increasing a lot".

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